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09 May 2017 14:29:00
SET News :Settrade launches DCA function on Streaming and "Settrade App"
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                Settrade News 1 /2017
May 9, 2017

Settrade launches DCA function on Streaming and "Settrade App"

Bangkok, May 9, 2017 - Co., Ltd., a leading Internet trading 
platform and investment technology provider, has unveiled "Settrade DCA Order",
a new trading function that enables investors to invest in securities based on
Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) technique, on its Streaming application. Settrade
has also introduced "Settrade App", the new application for iOS and Android,
enabling investors to get up-to-date market information to facilitate
investment. Acting Managing Director Amatee Prapapant stated, "Presently, the 
concept of investment savings plan based on DCA has gained popularity among
investors. To serve this demand, Settrade has initiated 'Settrade DCA Order', an
automatic trading function on Streaming. This new function allows investors to
place orders in advance with specific condition and period, while enabling them
to check their order status and get end-of-the-day report. In addition,
Streaming also offers "Back Testing" function which investors can simulate the
return on investment by using historical data.

Settrade has also launched a new application "Settrade App", providing key 
investment information and tools to support investors, such as Virtual
Portfolio, Click2Win (Trading Simulation), Back Testing, and others.

The new trading function and new application are available now on iOS and 
Android. They are also demonstrated at the SET booth at the upcoming "Money
Expo", during May 11-14 at Impact Exhibition & Convention Center in Bangkok. For
more information, please visit or contact SET
Contact Center at 0 2009 9999.

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