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08 May 2017 16:46:00
SET News :SET enhances investor confidence at London roadshow
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News 33/2017
   May 8, 2017

SET enhances investor confidence at London roadshow

BANGKOK, May 8, 2017- The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) together with Maybank
Kim Eng Securities (Thailand) PCL organizes  "SET Thailand Corporate Day in
London",  the United Kingdom (UK), on May 10, with nine Thai listed companies to
present the firms' strengths, the Thai economy's growth potential, underlining
Thailand's position as a strategic hub of the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS).

SET Senior Executive Vice President Santi Kiranand said, "To enhance listed 
firms' growth potential, SET has constantly developed various investment
instruments and activities for companies to effectively utilize the Thai capital
market to meet their  financial needs. Outbound roadshows have been
significantly effective in promoting the visibility and performance of listed
companies to global institutional investors. In March, SET hosted a roadshow in
Korea for the first time, gaining good response from investors and boosting
investor confidence, with an update and understanding on Thai capital market

"The United Kingdom is a leading financial hub among global investors. UK 
investors are currently the third most active foreign investors in the Thai
capital market, while being the top holders among foreign funds in Thailand,
holding 37.18 percent of the shares or accounting for THB 1.49 trillion (approx.
USD 42.57 billion), showing that the impact of global economic volatility has
less effect to the country and investors tend to invest on a long-term basic.
This year  roadshow can be instrumental in boosting investors' confidence, by
presenting the growth potential and strength of the Thai capital market and Thai
economy, while enhancing competitiveness and its role as GMS connector, drawing
 foreign funds to the region", added Santi.

The nine listed companies joining this roadshow are listed firms with high 
growth potential  from various industries consisting of Services, Resources,
Agro & Food Industry, Financials, Property & Construction, with total market
capitalization (as of May 5, 2017) of THB 613  billion (USD 17.57
billion),accounting 3.85 percent of the total.

SET's upcoming roadshows will be in Japan and Singapore. In addition, SET will 
organize "Thailand Focus 2017", the annual flagship inbound roadshow later this

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