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02 May 2017 19:06:00
SET News :SET launches "Social Impact Gym" to strengthen Thai social enterprises
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          SET News 31/2017
                      May 2, 2017

SET launches "Social Impact Gym" to strengthen Thai social enterprises

BANGKOK, May 2, 2017 - The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) joins forces with 
Market for Alternative Investment (mai) and mai Listed Companies Association
(maiA) to launch a new project called "Social Impact Gym by mai Executives".
This project will incorporate mai-listed companies in strengthening social
enterprises (SEs) for growth. This effort follows the successful debut of the
"SET Social Impact" digital platform last year which has brought together more
than 60 listed firms and 50 SEs in 2016, the goal to create positive social

SET President Kesara Manchusree stated that in 2016, SET initiated "SET Social", an online platform to connect both sectors for collaborative
synergy, becoming a hub to exchange resources, knowledge and experiences on how
to run sustainable business, as such contributing positive social impact in the
long run. This year, the platform launches SET Social Impact Gym by mai
Executives project, a network of listed companies' executives will jointly
transfer comprehensive knowledge and techniques for SEs to sustainably run and
grow a successful business operation. At this initial stage, 13 maiA executives
have volunteered to coach 13 social enterprises (SE) registered in the project.

"This project reinforces SET's vision to make the capital market work in such a 
way as to sustainably benefit all sectors under the concept of "You Grow, We
Groom" as SET foresees that if businesses and society are strong, the country
will be able to grow together ultimately towards sustainability", added Kesara.

maiA President Charnkrij Dejvitak said, "maiA is ready to share  knowledge and 
experience to enhance social entrepreneurship. It is vital for listed companies
to transfer know-how and share success stories to new business operators,
especially social enterprises to grow stronger in a sustainable manner. This
will help build a solid economic foundation for the nation. On the other hand,
it will provide a good opportunity for listed companies on mai to learn the
concepts of and get acquainted with socially-oriented businesses. This is a
learning process for both sides and may lead to joint ventures or other
developments together to create a new generation of social entrepreneurs for the

In addition, this year SET has been organizing workshops and various activities 
for SEs, listed firms and those who are interested in social impact investment,
to learn about social impact concept, with forums to exchange ideas, resources
to enhance their business capabilities.

Interested SEs or individuals can apply for courses, join activities or obtain 
updated information via or Facebook: SET Social Impact.

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