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03 Apr 2017 18:29:00
Book closing date for determining the right of existing trust unitholders to subscribe for additional unit trusts for the capital increase
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                Fund's increasing capital

Subject                                  : Fund's increasing capital
Date announced                           : 01-Nov-2016
Allocated to                             : - Unitholders
Record date for the right to subscribe   : 17-Apr-2017
additional investment units
Book closing date for collecting         : 18-Apr-2017
unitholders names under Section 225 of 
the Securities and Exchange Act
Ex-rights date (XR)                      : 11-Apr-2017
Allocated to                             : - Private placement
Person(s) receiving allotment(s)         :1. Land and Houses Public Company 
Limited ("LH") (A major shareholder of the lessor to the trust) and/or
affiliated companies and/or related parties
2. GIC Pte Ltd which is Reco Resorts Pte Ltd subsidiary (A major shareholder of 
the lessor to the trust) and/or affiliated companies and/or related parties
Allocated to                             : - Public offering
Remark                                   :
In order the, the registration statement for offing the trust units and draft 
prospectus for the capital increase ("the registration statement") was counted 1
day by Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC Office") on 14 March 2017. In
addition to the registration statement is under consideration and has not been
approved by the Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC Office").
The offering of additional trust units will be taken place upon the SEC
Office's approval.
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