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24 Mar 2017 08:40:00
SET reminding investors to analyze information of APX
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                Information analysis

Subject                                  : Reminding investors to analyze 
Security Symbol
Remark                                   :
The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) announced that Apex Development public 
company limited (APX) subject to the possible delisting from December 3, 1999
onwards due to the company's financial statements ending June 30, 1999 audited
by the auditor showed a minus shareholders' equity amounting to Baht 2,341
million. APX has presently requested the SET for approval to remove the causes
of possible delisting and resume its securities to be traded on SET. Therefore,
the SET removes the causes of possible delisting of SET 's securities by lifting
"SP" (Suspension) sign and resumes its trading on SET under Property and
Construction industry, Property Development sector from March 27, 2017 onwards.
In addition, the SET will temporarily lift the daily price limit of APX 's
securities on March 27, 2017 to allow the market mechanism to work properly
(Details as shown on SET's news on March 16, 2017) On August 31, 1999, the SET
posted SP sign to suspend the trading of APX 's securities until the company's
financial status and operating result problems are resolved. Hence, the latest
price at Baht 2.80 per share on August 30, 1999 might not reflect the
securities' value at the present. SET reminding shareholders and investors to
analyze APX 's information before making investment decision.