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16 Mar 2017 08:53:00
The SET removes cause of possible delisting of APX's securities and resumes its trading on "SET" from March 27, 2017 onwards.
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                Removal of causes of possible delisting

Subject                                  : Removal of causes of possible 
Company name                             : APEX DEVELOPMENT PUBLIC COMPANY 
Sign lifted                              : SP
Reason                                   : The company is able to comply with 
SET regulations
Secondary market                         : SET
Industry                                 : Property & Construction
Sector                                   : Property Development
Trading date after removes causes of     : 27-Mar-2017
possible delisting
Business description                     : property development for sale such as
hotels, condos and land and villas. Moreover, APX provide service for customer
to operate apartments and villas for rent, where as APX will charge a management
 fee and pay the investment return to the customer as contract.
Financial Advisor ( in case removes      : Asia Plus Advisory Company Limited
causes of possible delisting)
Remarks                                  :
On August 31, 1999, the SET posted SP sign to suspend the trading of APX's 
securities until the company's financial status and operating result problems
are resolved.  Hence, the latest price at Baht 2.80 per share on August 30, 1999
might not reflect the securities' value at the present. The SET requests
shareholders and investors to scrutinize APX's information before making
investment decision.
In addition, According to Clause 29(1) and (3) of the Regulations of the Stock 
Exchange of Thailand Re: Trading, Clearing and Settlement of Securities in the
Exchange B.E. 2555 (2012), there will be no ceiling & floor price for APX on
March 27, 2017.