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01 Mar 2017 17:36:00
Determination of the number of shares of Mudman Plc. to be offered to the shareholders of the Company (pre-emptive Right), determine the names of shareholders
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                Pre-emptive Right

Subject                                  : Pre-emptive Right
Name of subsidiary or associated company :Mudman Public Company Limited
 which offers pre-emptive right
Type of allocated securities             : Common Shares
Number of allotted shares (shares)       : 41,437,135
Ratio (Company's shares : Subsidiary or  : 10 : 1
Associated's shares)
Record date for the right to subscribe   : 16-Mar-2017
additional shares of subsidiary or 
associated company
Book closing date for collecting         : 17-Mar-2017
shareholders names under Section 225 of 
the Securities and Exchange Act
Ex-Other Benefits Date (XB)              : 14-Mar-2017
Remark                                   :
In this regard, the offering price, subscription period, subscription payment 
method, and other relevant details, the Company will further inform.
In addition, the Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission (the "SEC 
Office") has approved the application for the offer of the newly issued ordinary
shares of MM for sale in the initial public offering.  However, MM shall submit
the complete Registration Statement for Offer for Sale of Securities to the SEC
Office for The effectiveness of the Registration Statement for Offer for Sale
of Securities and the Company will keep you posted of any progress in this
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