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26 Dec 2016 17:08:00
Notify of Company's holiday year 2017
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                Subject     : Notify of Company's holiday year 2017
To           : The President of the Stock Exchange of Thailand

          Please be informed that Fancy Wood Industries Public Co., Ltd 's holidays
 in year 2017 have been set as follows,

1.    January         Monday                  2nd    Substitute Holiday New Year's Days
2.    January        Tuesday                    3rd    Substitute Holiday New Year's Days
3.    January        Friday                      27th    Chinese New Year's Day
4.    February    Monday                    13th    Substitute Holiday Makha Bucha Day
5.    April        Wednesday             12th    Songkran Festival Day
6.    April        Thursday              13th    Songkran Festival Day
7.    April        Friday             14th    Songkran Festival Day
8.    May         Monday                     1st    National Labour Day
9.    July        Monday                   10th    Substitute Holiday Asaraha Bucha Day
10.    July        Tuesday                  11th    Substitute Holiday Buddhist Lent Day
11.    August            Monday                  14th    Substitute Holiday Her Majesty
The Queen's Birthday
12.    December         Tuesday                   5th    His Majesty The King's Birthday
13.       December    Friday                       29th    New Year's Eve


Please be informed accordingly.

Sincerely yours,

 ( Mr.Vichai  Tanpatanarat  )
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