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21 Oct 2016 09:03:00
SET requires TFD to clarify the investment in HOTPOT
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Subject                                  : SET requires TFD to clarify the 
investment in HOTPOT
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Description                              :
 SET requires TFD to clarify the investment in HOTPOT

    On 27 September 2016, Thai Factory Development Public Company Limited (TFD)  
informed the SET that  "the company is considering to invest in Hot Pot Public
Company Limited (HOTPOT)" news occurred in newspapers was not true.
However, on 19 October 2016, HOTPOT disclosed that a major shareholder of the 
company sold 41.5 million shares (10.22% of paid up capital) to Mr. Apichai
Taechaubol and TFD. The number of shares sold to Mr. Apichai Taechaubol was 32.4
million (7.98%) and the number of shares sold to TFD was 9.10 million (2.24%).
Mr. Apichai was found to be a current Executive Chairman and a major shareholder
 (24.52% of paid up capital ) of TFD.
In order for investors to receive  clear and complete information, the SET 
requires TFD to clarify and disclose detailed information as follows to the SET
within 26 October 2016;

1.    Please explain the procedure of TFD for investing in HOTPOT. And when did the
transaction pass the board of director's resolution? Who was responsible for
this transaction? Did the executive chairmen involve in any decision making of
the investment?
2.    The opinion of the Board of Directors of TFD about the  appropriate and 
benefits of the investment of TFD in HOTPOT 2.24%, as well as the chairman of
TFD who acquired  HOTPOT shares of 7.98%. Moreover, what is the procedure of the
 company to eliminate conflict of interest.
3.    The reasons that TFD declined the news about the investment in HOTPOT to the 
SET on 27 September 2016; however, TFD purchased HOTPOT shares  on 19 October
2016, which is only 3 weeks time after that.