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08 Sep 2016 07:37:00
Establishment of New Entity Jointly with ThreeSixtyFive Public Company Limited
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                AUCT-OP 243/2559
    7 September 2016
Subject:    Establishment of New Entity Jointly with ThreeSixtyFive Public Company 
To:    The President
    The Stock Exchange of Thailand
The Board of the Directors' Meeting No. 4/2016 which was held on 9 August 2016 
has approved the Company to invest jointly in the new entity with TSF Energy
Co., Ltd., TSF's subsidiary.
On this day, the Company has signed the MoU for the establishment of such new 
entity having details as follows:
1.    Information on the new entity
Name of company:    Action & Auction Co., Ltd.
Objectives:    1.    To manage and develop quality of assets
    2.     To improve loan quality
    3.    To manage the relocation of assets and transportation
    4.    To provide asset evaluation service
    5.    To provide vehicle examination service
    6.    To provide software operating service
    7.    To be the center of asset management data
    8.    To engage in used-cars business and others
    9.    To engage in online bidding business
    10.    To provide PR and marketing service
    11.    To engage in business antiques
Registered capital:     THB 10 million
Shareholding proportion:    (1)    Union Auction Public Company Limited    holds 50.998%
    (2)    TSF Energy Co., Ltd.                holds 24%    (3)    Pearl and Dean Media Service Co., 
Ltd.    holds 15%
    (4)    Athajak Co., Ltd.                 holds 5%
    (5)    Mr. Baupit Thurachon             holds 5%    (6)    Miss Poonsilp Kaewchumnong        holds 
    (7)    Mr. Kriengsak Tamraksa             holds 0.001%
2.    Objective of investment
To generate income and promote Company's stability

3.    Source of Fund
The Company's working capital
4.    Benefits to be gained
To increase customer base as well as strengthen its potential in business 
competition which will be beneficial and advantageous to both the Company and
its shareholders.
This transaction is insignificant to public according to disclosure and 
connected transaction of acquiring and disposal of asset, following by
regulation of Board of The Stock Exchange of Thailand. Moreover, the Company
will inform the Stock Exchange of Thailand once the contract is signed between
the shareholders.
Please be informed accordingly.
Yours sincerely,
Union Auction Public Company Limited

(Mr. Thepthai Sila)
Authorized Signatory
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