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20 Jan 2016 17:09:00
Progress of the construction of uncompleted project
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Ref: JT 11- 590029                 January 20, 2016            

To:                  The President
    The Stock Exchange of Thailand
Re:    Progress of the construction of uncompleted project

As Digital Telecommunications Infrastructure Fund ("the Fund") has invested in 
the uncompleted telecommunications infrastructure assets on December 25, 2013,
SCB Asset Management Co., Ltd. ("the Company''), the Management Company of the
Fund, would like to inform the progress of the uncompleted project pursuant to
the letter of the Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission No. Thor Nor.
 1/2554 with details as follows:
Under the Asset Sale and Transfer Agreement between True Corporation Public 
Company Limited ("True") and the Fund dated December 24, 2013, True will be
obligated to deliver or procure the delivery of the new 3,000 towers due for the
delivery by December 31, 2014 ("First Batch") and the remaining 3,000 towers
due for delivery by December 31, 2015 ("Second Batch") (both related to as
"Additional Telecommunications Towers").  At the end of December 2015, True had
completed the delivery of the 6,000 Additional Telecommunications Towers to the
Fund in accordance with the agreement.

Please be informed accordingly.

Yours faithfully,
Digital Telecommunications Infrastructure Fund
By SCB Asset Management Company Limited

(Ms. Pijittra Trirattanathada)
Senior Vice President, Property and Infrastructure Investment Group
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