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15 Dec 2015 17:54:00
That date for exercising warrants #3 (AQ-W3)
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                Notification the exercise of securities

Subject                                  : Notification the exercise of 
Date announced                           : 15-Dec-2015
Name of securities                       : AQ-W3
Exercise date                            : 30-Dec-2015
The notification period for the exercise : From 23-Dec-2015 to 29-Dec-2015
 of the securities
Exercise price (baht per share)          : 0.584
Exercise ratio (Warrants : common        : 1 : 1.028
Remark                                   :
        December 15, 2015.

Subject    The date for exercising warrants (AQ-W3)

Attention the Directors and the Manager
                  Stock Exchange of Thailand     

      According to AQ Estate have allotted the warrants AQ-W3 for shareholder. In 
each year, the warrant holder could exercise the end of December of each year.
The first exercise is on December 30, 2013 and the last exercise date on May 19,
2016 will fall on the last warrants fully three years from the date of
issuance. The rate of exercise is 1 warrant can buy 1.028 ordinary share that
cost per share 0.584 baht. The warrant holder who needs to exercise for December
30, 2015 will notify to company from December 23, 2015 to December 29,2015
during 9.00 AM - 4.00 P.M. at: AQ Estate Public Company Limited,102 Rimklong
Bangkapi Road, Bangkapi, Huai Khwang, Bangkok 10310 Tel. 0-26485519  Fax.
    The documents are following:
1.  Completed and signed exercise notice, and payment be made by cash and cheque
, draft, to clearing house in Bangkok and made payable to the order of " AQ
Estate Public company limited" (The exercise notice can receive from company.)
or download from in Investors Relation / Notification from to
exercise of right to purchase new ordinary .(AQ-W3)
2.  Warrant certificate or its substitute indicating the warrant holder's 
ownership in the relevant number of warrants as specified in the exercise
3.  Certified true copy of the identification card or passport for Natural 
4. Thai Juristic must attach a copy of Certificate issued by the Ministry of 
Commerce (not exceeding 6 months.) and a copy of the Identification card
authorized on behalf of juristic.  The document must be certificate by owner.
5. Foreign juristic must attach the following documents certified by a Notary 
Public or ah Thai embassy or Consulted in the country where the foreign juristic
is located.  If a language other than English must include a translation in
-    Certificate of Incorporation or Memorandum of Association.
-    Articles of Association or by Laws.
-    Copy of passport of the authorized signatory.
    If warrant holder need additional details, please don't hesitate to contact 
Mrs. Sarunrot Kaewveanagchai  Tel.  0-2648-5519 or Fax. 0-2648-5567

    Additionally, AQ Estate would like to inform that the non-Thai warrant holders 
could exercise their warrants if the Company's foreign shareholders proportion
is less than 40% on the exercise date. At present, the company's foreign
shareholders proportion is equal to 0.25% (at   September 30, 2015)

    To be inform and publications continue.

          Yours faithfully,

(Mr. Suthisak Vageepiyanantanon)     (Mr. Pob Petsuwan)
     Director                            Director
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