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06 May 2014 17:42:00
TFEX News : Thailand Futures Exchange's new trading and clearing systems go live
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TFEX News 8/2014
          May 6,2014
Thailand Futures Exchange's new trading and clearing systems go live

Bangkok, May 6, 2014 - The Thailand Futures Exchange PCL (TFEX), under the Stock 
Exchange of Thailand (SET) group, announced the successful launch of its new 
derivatives trading and clearing systems today, operating smoothly on the same 
platform as the equities trading's SET CONNECT. With well-proven trading technology 
from Cinnober, and clearing technology from Korea Exchange, the new systems provide 
cross-asset class trading efficiently and support multi-currency and multi-market 

SET and TFEX Chairman SathitLimpongpan said "This development is part of SET's 
three-year strategy (2014-2016) aiming to boost efficiency of its infrastructure 
in connecting to global capital markets, thus strengthening its capabilities. 
It will also increase SET's international competitiveness among the world's 
leading stock exchanges, as well as supporting future expansions of the 
Thai capital market."

TFEX Managing Director KesaraManchusree said that the integration of the two 
trading systems to become a single platform for equities and derivatives enables 
investors to design strategic trading for the cross-asset class efficiently. With a 
world-class multi asset platform based on high performance and flexible solution, 
the new clearing system helps increase capacity of risk management following 
international standard, supports real-time connectivity to clearing houses with 
depository and settlement services worldwide, as well as multi-market and 
multi-currency trading.

�We have received great cooperation from all broker members in testing the new 
systems for over months before going live. This will certainly ensure investors 
that the new platform is secure and stable, as well as capable of meeting 
current and future trading demands efficiently,� Kesara added.

Today is also the launch of mini SET50 Futures, designed to reduce its contract 
size to be one-fifth that of the current SET50 futures. It was received well 
response with trading volume of 84,609 contracts, while the total trading volume 
of TFEX was 214,960 contracts worth of THB 21.30 billion. 

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