Rules Book
Listed Companies
Trading of Securities
Thailand Securities Depository Company Limited (TSD)
Market for Alternative Investment (mai)
The Bond Electronic Exchange (BEX)
Thailand Futures Exchange Pcl (TFEX)
Thailand Clearing House Co.,Ltd
Regulations Canceled

Thailand Securities Depository Company Limited (TSD)
Securities Depository
Securities Registrar

Securities Depository
(-) Fees and Expenses Concerning Securities for which TSD is not a Registrar
(-) Fees and Expenses in Relation to Depositors
(-) Delivery of Information and Reports to the Depositor
(-) Determination of Marks for Deposited Securities
(-) Timeframe for Operation of the System for the Purchase or Resale of ETF Investment Units
(-) Persons Permitted by Thailand Securities Depository Company Limited to Be a Depositor
(Chapter 100) General Provisions
(Chapter 200) Definitions
(Chapter 300) Depositors
(chapter 400) Securities Accounts, Deposit, Withdrawal, Transfer and Cancellation of a Deposit of Securities
(Chapter 500) Use of Securities as Collateral
(Chapter 600) Securities Depository System Disruptions
(Chapter 700) Consideration of Offense, Disciplinary Sanctions and Consideration of Appeal
(Chapter 800) Miscellaneous
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