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  15 May 2014 08:36   Financial Statement Quarter 1/2014 ZIP
  15 May 2014 08:28   Management Discussion and Analysis Quarter 1 Ending 31-Mar-2014 Detail
  15 May 2014 08:26   Reviewed Quarter 1 and Consolidated F/S (F45-3) Detail
  28 Apr 2014 17:38   Resolution of Annual General Meeting of Shareholders No.35 Detail
  31 Mar 2014 18:17   To inform the disclosure of documents of the 2014 AGM Shareholders on the Company's website Detail
  20 Mar 2014 12:41   Appointment of Managing Director and Chairman of the Board Detail
  27 Feb 2014 13:17   Management Discussion and Analysis Yearly Ending 31-Dec-2013 Detail
  26 Feb 2014 12:32   To fix the date for the AGM and Omission of Dividend Payment (Revised template) Detail
  26 Feb 2014 09:28   To fix the date for the AGM and Omission of Dividend Payment (Revised template) Detail
  26 Feb 2014 08:47   To fix the date for the AGM and Omission of Dividend Payment (Revised) Detail
  25 Feb 2014 19:30   Financial Statement Yearly 2013 ZIP
  25 Feb 2014 19:23   Audited Yearly and Consolidated F/S (F45-3) Detail
  25 Feb 2014 19:22   To clarify the financial results for the year 2013 Detail
  25 Feb 2014 19:22   The resolution of the Board of Directors' meeting No.2/2557 and the agenda of AGM Detail
  25 Feb 2014 18:10   Establishment of Subsidiary Company in India of Ocean Glass Public Company Limited Detail
  18 Dec 2013 19:04   Renewal for the term of the Audit Committee Detail
  14 Nov 2013 07:34   To clarify the financial result for third quarter of 2013 Detail
  14 Nov 2013 07:33   Reviewed Quarter 3 and Consolidated F/S (F45-3) Detail
  13 Nov 2013 17:31   Financial Statement Quarter 3/2013 ZIP
  17 Sep 2013 18:54   Shareholders to propose Agenda and Candidates to the Board of Directors for the AGM Detail

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Investor Alert News is the sign meaning that there is an important information that shareholders and public investors should concern before making any voting or investing decisions.
Reprimand News is the sign meaning that the SET has publicly reprimanded the listed company for its breach of, or non-compliance with, the SET's rules and regulations.
Contract Adjustment (CA) is the TFEX news that announced the arrangements for the contract adjustment in accordance with the corporate action of the underlying stock.
PL is the TFEX news that announced the maximum number of futures or options contracts an investor is allowed to hold (Position Limit).

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